Be Your Own: Art, Sexuality, and Self

Madison Williams
Lehigh University Women Gender and Society - Madison Williams

Madison Williams is a Senior in the College of Business and Economics and is majoring in
Management. Williams is looking to graduate and work in Human Resources and/or Human
Capital Management. On campus, Williams is involved the Center for Gender Equity, Break the
Silence and previously has served as a Gryphon.

Be Your Own: Art, Sexuality, and Self will be a series of creation spaces for
students, faculty, and staff where they will be encouraged to reflect on their identities and
express their understanding, discovery, or need for healing through art. This series focuses on
themes of mental health and self-care; gender violence; sexuality and sexual identity. Following
these creative workshops we hope to hold a gallery/exhibit night to provide a safe and
comfortable space for the artists to reflect on their work and to showcase the artwork to the