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The Major

The WGSS major requires 34-36 credits of coursework and is designed to complement other areas of study within CAS in order to facilitate double-majors for our students. WGSS majors can stand-alone; however, many students find the major an invaluable asset as part of a double major. The major includes a core curriculum, concentration (social sciences or humanities), electives, and a senior experience. Additionally, students are encouraged to pursue independent study opportunities to enhance their knowledge of specific aspects of Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies.

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The Minor

The minor in WGSS consists of a minimum of 18 credit hours. Students pursuing the minor are required to take the introductory course (WGSS 001) and one upper-level course from among those concerned with the theory and practice of women, gender, and sexuality studies. Courses completed must include at least one course in the arts and humanities and one course in the natural and social sciences. Students arrange their program in consultation with the program director.

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Why Choose WGSS?

A WGSS curriculum represents and offers the best aspects of a liberal arts education: critical engagement, analytical thinking, and invaluable opportunities to hone the utility of close and careful writing skills. Additionally, in the WGSS program, students will encounter robust and expansive opportunities to think about the complex ways in which gender and sexuality–impact and are shaped by–race and class and relationships and mechanisms of power–impact society and human lives within it. At its core, WGSS is committed to an intersectional model of analysis and ensures that students learn about the significance of diversity and difference in culture and society. As our world grows increasingly complex, knowledge of human difference—particularly as it relates to gender, sexuality—offers students a leg up in the work force, a robust reflexive intellectual formation, and awareness that identity and difference—one’s own and those of others—are connected in a variety of ways.

Patti T. Ota Award

This award is presented yearly to a graduating senior and a graduate student who meet the following criteria:

• Minored in WGSS and/or taken 3 or more WGSS courses

• Made a significant contribution to improving the condition of women at Lehigh and/or in the community

• Demonstrated academic excellence.

Anyone may nominate a student(s) using the above criteria; self nominations are encouraged. Students who receive this award will be notified by the Professor Monica Najar, Director of Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies. 

Yearly Award Recipients