Equal Play Equal Pay

Jasmine Wung
Lehigh University Women Gender and Society - Jasmine Wung

Jasmine Wung is a junior pursuing an Integrated Degree in Engineering, Arts, and
Sciences with concentrations in Computer Science and Social Sciences. Wung is extremely
passionate about feminism and social justice, and has been involved with the Center for Gender
Equity since Freshman year. On Lehigh's campus Wung is also involved in SPEAK (Students
Promoting Equality, Awareness, & Knowledge), Phi Sigma Pi, Kappa Alpha Theta, and plays
violin in Lehigh's Philharmonic Orchestra. Over the summer she interned at Otevřená
Společnost, an NGO based in Prague, CZ that educates the public to reduce prejudices, promotes
progressive legislation, and advises the public administration, commercial sector and

Equal Pay Day symbolizes how far into the year the average woman must work to
earn what the average man earned in the previous year; in other words, it takes her 15 months to
earn what the average man earned in 12. When you factor in race, it turns out there are many
“Equal Pay Days.” For Asian/Pacific Islander women, their Equal Pay Day is March 7, for White
women it's May 1, for African-American women it's July 31, for Native American women it's
September 25, and for Latinas it's not until November 2. My goal for this year is to coordinate a
campus-wide event involving local businesses over the week of the "average" Equal Pay Day to
raise awareness and spark conversations about the causes and effects of the intersectional gender
wage gap.