Female Faculty Satisfaction at Lehigh

Sarah Estevez
Lehigh University Women Gender and Society - Sarah Estevez

Sarah Estevez is a History and Women and Gender Studies major at Lehigh, and enjoys
working on various art projects such as oil painting, crocheting, knitting and writing.
Additionally, Estevez loves to travel, and has lived in The Netherlands for a while.

The “Female Faculty Satisfaction at Lehigh” project looks at how Lehigh as an
institution promotes and helps advance their female faculty members. Although women have
access to virtually every job market, women still struggle against gender stereotyping, equal pay,
sexual harassment, non-inclusive work places, obstacles in obtaining leadership opportunities
and positions, and many other similar issues. Because Lehigh has recently begun administering
Climate Controls for faculty members in 2015 and 2016, the goal of this project is to consider
and analyze the data from those two years. I also plan to construct a survey to gather my own
data on this matter to see if women have experiencedsexism while working at the University and
whether the University “has their backs” so-to- speak. My goal is to be able to gather the
information to help fix the issue(s) and give a voice to faculty members who cannot say anything
themselves for fear of losing their job or experiencing discriminatory actions making their
workspace difficult.